From My Heart To Yours…

  1. I love it! You will be more than just successful.. You go Girl!

  2. Congrats Mia. You have such a wonderful story. Keep up the good work. I’m really loving the fact that you are from Detroit. I’m born and raised in Detroit. And still here. 🙁 lol Keep moving forever. Your son is such a handsome little guy………… I love my glam tote. It gets a serious workout. It’s my work bag.

  3. This is only the beginning! Keep moving forward and continue to share your testimony!

  4. Congrats Mia & thanks 4 sharing YOUR story. Our story are similar but still different. I just want 2 tell u, keep up the GREAT WORK! U are awesome at what u do. Continue 2 pray & always walk by FAITH & never by sight. Congrats again Ms. Ray. Luv u!

  5. An inspiration to all of us Battle Ready Black Chicks!!! Get em Mia!

  6. These are the type of things that make it all the more glorious. This is inspirational on many layers and I’m sure it resonates with many of us. Let’s keep making our path and leave our name in the history books, You’ve pushed me as well in your own way.

  7. Mia this story was well told and very inspirational. As a young woman from Detroit and of color, and a woman period, I want to say I am so proud of you and wish you all the best.



    • Thank you so much Christa!! I forgot to thank you for letting me write my first post on GlamourNerd!

  8. Wow…..what a beautiful testimony! Always remember that God wouldnt put this vision in you if he couldn’t see it through. Your success thus far is evidence of that. I know you will continue to do major things in the future……peace & love.

  9. Man i seen your process and remember when u started …I knew u would be great cause with out all of this u would have been .Im proud of your accomplishments cause u made it happen u and God and to say I knw MIARAY is a great thing.I knw this isnt it I see big things plus i knw how u move cause what? your my fashion twin.God bless …and keep on truckin! BONG!

  10. This awesome!!! God bless u MIA******

  11. ♥ 🙂

  12. Congrats to you and many blessings and much success going forward! I’m right behind you…chasing only my dreams in 2011!

  13. Well mia youve done a great job!.. Keep up the good opening up my own store has been a lifelong dream of mines, and over coming every obstacle tht had been thrown my way after having a heart attack less than two year ago and a year later opening a store,stepin out on faith feelin sick somee days but still a firm believer dreams really do come true

  14. Wow. Keep up the great work…and I’ll keep supporting u & spending $$$$!

  15. MIA!!!! OMG!!! I literally came to tears….People always want the success but they dont want to take the journey…your story is amazing…I was just going through all of my journals…(and I write everything down….especially when I am at my lowest)…and just reflecting back on how far God has taken you should just knock ur socks off…this is just the beginning!!! keep following YOUR TRUTH! 🙂

  16. Mia, I loved your story, I was someone who has always lived for others and decided that it was me time! I’m looking forward to exploring my dream!

  17. I commend you on everything you are doing…..This really touched my heart and I just want to let you know you ROCK and I will continue to support you!

  18. I’m very proud of you Mia! This is beautiful. I pray that God continues to order your steps and allow your gifts to make room for you!

    Warm regards,
    Khabirah of

  19. I really love your story. I’m 35 yrs old and just stepped out on faith as you did. I wish you luck and the best at whatever you do !!!

  20. Boomerang Ray!!! I know i’m late lol you know why. You already know im proud of you and everything you have going on! You are definitely someone who went from “you make it sound so easy” to “POW Look at what I can Do”. To many people doubt themselves and stay at stage one for every excuse they can think of and I know personally that you didn’t let those excuses become the reason for you not progressing! Continue on and continue holding the torch leading the way and giving us that example that many of us need that anything can be done if you put your mind to it!

    “Glam-Aholic Lifestyle might not make it” -It’s Mucci!

  21. I know I’m SUPER late, but…
    WOOOOOW!!! This has inspired me more and more to do what I have been dreaming about. I’ve shared it with you already and I know with your help and expertise, it will happen. There are a lot of talented people on Detroit that get over looked… And I’m glad to see the people that I’ve went to school with (CT!!), do extrodinary (did I spell that right) things. God has a lot in store for you, and I know that this is only the beginning. Thank you so much for this story… I’m another ghetto black girl from Detroit, but my past only helps me determine the kind of future I want to have.

    “I can do ALL things thru Christ who strengthens me!!”

  22. Truly… Truly inspired!!!! I pray that all of your unconscious dreams come true!!!!! I admire you and your vision & I glad to have known you too!!!
    CT’s FINEST!

  23. So real! Luv it…definitely an inspiration!

  24. Very inspiring! Praise the Lord! To God be the Glory!

  25. Wow, love your story…Gives other women, like myself inspiration and hope! Sometimes you need to hear others stories, so you can stay motivated to succeed….

    Thank you!!!

    I wish you MUCH SUCCESS!!!!!

  26. Keep up the great work!!! You have another supporter!!! I will follow you to the TOP!!!


  28. I absolutely love your story and after reading this my heart filled with joy for you & your dream coming true. You inspired me & motivated me in the space of 5 minutes.

    Thanks for inspiring,
    Mizz Brownin

  29. Reading this just brought tears to my eyes. I have goals and aspirations and wasn’t sure if it’s what I should do but you just gave me confirmation. Thank you so much!!


  30. You are one inspiring person!!! I love it. Thanks for the ,otivation and keep up the good work!!!

  31. Real talk…this moved me…thank you.

  32. Wow reading your story was very inspiring,not just about fashion but just anout going after your dreams. If you want to do something you have to make preparation and then move. One thing you mentioned was that you were unhappy where you were and so you made some things happen. You stepped on faith trusting God, mot knowing where you going but knew what you wanted to do. GOD BLESS YOU I definately support your visoon and your dream. I pray God grow your business and make you beyond prosperous.

  33. Thank you for posting this!!! Such a blessing!!

  34. omg! why am I crying right now. so inspiring. I’m trying to do the same exact thing. There are a lot of times where I’m so lost with life and my purpose on this earth. I know what I want to do but it just seems do difficult and unrealistic to get there. Every day i try to accomplish something that will get me closer and closer to my dream but it just fell like it’ll never happen or its taking forever to get their. I went to college for fashion, always had a passion for it. I just pray that I can get myself to a level where i’m happy with life. I don’t have to be rich or famous…just like you said I just want to be successful.

  35. sorry for the grammatical errors. i was typing really fast lol

  36. This post was inspiring to me and I can truely relate to it. I am at that stage now where I hate what I am doing and I am ready to start Living!!!!!!! not just existing. I have a few things that I want to do in terms as starting my own businesses. How did you seek manfactueres to make your products? How did you raise capital to start your business? These are two areas that I am currently struggling with at this time.

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