Cure For Nappy Edges

It’s HOT and for the first time in my life, I do not have a perm. I sweat like nobody’s business…I mean seriously, as soon as I step outside BOOM! It’s a wrap…it’s over…my edges have gone from bam to DAMN!

I’ve tried everything…you name it! All kinds of products. I’m starting to believe my edges have a mind of their own! But as soon as the moisture hits my scalp, nothing can save my edges. I took to twitter to ask for suggestions, and this is what my Glam-Aholics came up with…

Olive Oil: Edge Control

Tried it. Didn’t work. 🙁

A pressing comb

*sigh* I’m sorry but I hate to put heat on my hair every day!

A kiddie perm

This is a great idea, but I’m terrified. The last time I put a perm on my edges, they broke completely off! Maybe I should’ve used a kiddie perm like this one.

Tiny Flatirons

Once again..I don’t like putting heat on my hair every day!

Paul Mitchell: Elastic Shaping Paste

Expensive, and it doesn’t last long after the moisture hits.

So PLEASE ladies…and gents, tell me what’s the cure for nappy edges?! I’m at the end of my ropes!

  1. I’m surprised the Edge Control didn’t work! I’m natural as well, (almost 15 years), and this does the trick for me… and TRUST I’m a sweater! I sweat more in my head than anywhere else on my damn body… hair ain NEVA all the way right…

    Please keep me posted if you find something that works for you… Summertime is brutal!

    • The edge control does not work for my edges either! It barely worked when i had a perm! Now that I am natural, my hair just laughs at it. Also I have tried a perm and textturerizer on my edges and it did not take! So if there is something else please let me know!

      • GIRL! I’m almost 15 and I know exactly what you are talkin about…ive use Edge control too and it does NOT work…I didn’t think anything could tame my edges to the point where i had to perm only my edges SMH. But then my sister told me about HICKS EDGE CONTROL! look it up and see the results….It’s amazing, good luck

  2. Edge Control does NOTHING for me! Absolutely nothing but cake up my edges. I use Keracare Edge Tamer. So far, so good.

  3. For the 3rd time….

    Paul Mitchell Dry Wax, is thick and Alterna Hemp Organics, is thin and will give you a shine. For me I press my edges, under the fan or when its cool lol, then apply either. If you put either on while your edges are nappy/curly it won’t work. They are pricey but my edges love it. Trust me I no, this heat in Nashville is like no other. Try and let me no if either works.

  4. I’m a fan of Tigi Bedhead stick. And I haven’t had a perm since 2002. Here’s the link:

  5. Aveda control paste. its $25, but i love it. My hair extra thick and nappy and its the best for me of all the products i tried. if you do try it rub it between your fingers to get it warm and gummy, put it on your edges and time them down for an hour or so.

  6. Ima stylist and I use Aveda Control Paste on my clients with all hair types. I hav yet 2 hav a client who hasnt absolutey LOVED it! It doesnt run all down ur face like Jam (bak n the day) yuckkk and doesnt get hard & flake….stays pliable for days. Its a little pricey ($24)but WeLL worth it and will last forever bcuz u dont need alot. Hope u love it!

  7. I might have to get some of that control paste, right now I’m using Kinky-Curly gloss pomade, it doesn’t cake or flake and you don’t need a lot. I put it on before I
    go to bed and night and put my scarf on extra tight lol and I’m good.

  8. @Renata, this is the best out of all the things i’ve used to lay my edges down. if you do get it just make sure you warm it with your fingers before using. that’s what changes it from a solid to this sort of gummy paste. And if im not mistaken, the ingredients are natural. @Mia Collie is a professional and she has co-signed on this product.

  9. Good ole fashioned caster oil. A little dab will do you and castor oil is great for the hair and your scalp.

    • Really?! Now Andrea what exactly do we do with the castor oil? Just lay it on our edges and brush?

  10. Hey, I know I’m super late lol, but some salons carry a “non chemical” perm by the name of bodiphier which is an alternative if you want the straight hair minus the harsh chemicals… I have a friend who got it done at the salon we go to and she has thick long hair and problems with her edges too, so if you want I can ask her how bodiphier is working for her so far and let you know if she says it’s worth the money or not 🙂

  11. Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade is what i use I pay about $2.50 for a can.I have thick natural hair and this def gets the job done.

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  13. GIRL! I’m almost 15 and NOT mixed so going natural was hard. I know exactly what you are talkin about…ive use Edge control too and it does NOT work…I didn’t think anything could tame my edges to the point where i had to perm only my edges SMH. But then my sister told me about HICKS EDGE! look it up and see the results….It’s amazing, good luck

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  16. I have not had a perm in my hair since may. I don’t want to put anymore on my hair. I recently bought some edge control Moroccan one and it does not work to keep my edges slick. Reg gel does not hold either. What can I use?

  17. I usually have to switch up what I use to lay my hair down because my hair gets use to a product after awhile and wont cooperate. So I use eco styler and apply with a toothbrush. I also like glaze by elasta qp & ECOSTYLER (ARGAN OIL). I also think by using a scarf for atleast 30 minutes after you apply a product to lay your hair down helps frizziness and hold.

  18. A good product i heard of is Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue (yellow tube) is good…..first put your styling gel (ex: hicks edge control, design essentials edge control or any hair control you liked) and then put the got 2 b glued on top and wrap your hair for a few mintues with a silk scarf


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