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Fashion vs. Style, what’s the difference between the two? Do you
feel that people get these meanings confused? I believe fashion is a tangible thing. It involves things that can be obtained by anyone. The latest trends like that stock handbag by YSL or Louis Vuitton or the Christian Louboutin heels with the red bottoms. That’s what I think of when I consider what fashion means. I say fashion is tangible because if I post a photo on Instagram wearing the latest “fashion” whether it be the newest color combination of the latest Maison Valentino Rock Pumps or the latest designer collaboration with Target or H&M anyone can buy it. I do not feel like style has anything to do with fashion. A lot of people get style and fashion confused. For me style requires the ability to take fashion and make it your own. Style can be copied yes, but style to me is being able to put pieces of fashion together with or with out labels and make a statement. That statement does not always have to be in your face it can be subtle or subdued but at the end of the day it should speak to your personality.

Glam-Aholic Of The Week Jessica

What are some of your favorite trends that are happening right now?  My favorite trend at the moment has to be the modern take on the late 1980 early 1990 monochrome that has been modernized now with the addition of a pop of color. I love to pair matching sets whether it be solids prints or florals and add one accent color. I have recently fallen in love with jumpsuits and rompers because they follow that same ideal but make it super easy to complete the look. Another great example of this is the denim on denim trend. Kimonos are really big this summer and the bolder the print the better. The solid kimonos usually have finer details like fringe or lace for a more romantic feel or date night and I can’t wait to stock up! Last but not least the mixed prints trend is not the easiest to accomplish but I would love to achieve some looks with it this summer.

Glam-Aholic Of The Week Jessica

Have your ever committed a fashion crime? Do tell the details! I had to think hard about this one. Being the shopaholic that I am I always have a justification for my reasoning behind an outfit. But I am sad to say that there are two distinct fashion crimes that I have committed. The first being Flip Flops! I have been spotted wearing a well-put-together outfit on a warm summer day and then as we pan the camera down to the ankles you might have spotted a pair of Oldnavy $2.50 flip flops (cringe) I am a tall girl… (prepare for long winded excuse) so no there were not any heels in my purse or stylish shoes in the trunk of a friends car waiting for me. I wore them by choice! Lol… Secondly if I choose to shame myself further involves the leggings trend. I had a pair of black liquid leggings that I used to wear EVERYWHERE (hunches over in shame) and you might have even caught me in Soho or on Fifth Avenue wearing the WRONG UNDERWEAR! (Polka dots and all) when I was a teenager. The happy ending to this story is that I donated those legging to charity and I can’t seem to find any of my Flip Flops now.

Glam-Aholic Of The Week Jessica

What are your 3 favorite hot spots to hit and find great pieces? At times I feel that I am a walking talking H&M commercial or print add because on any given Sunday I am wearing something that I purchased at H&M. I love the quality of their pieces and of course the price point is super affordable. They usually mimic the latest runway trends almost immediately and effectively. ZARA is my home away from home and I usually go there for accessories like shoes and handbags and they have some of the best outerwear in my opinion. I can be frugal at times so I won’t invest in huge labels all the time I usually try to get the look for less. If you can’t find me in H&M or ZARA I am usually positioned I. Front of my computer and shopping online. The browser button usually leads me straight to if I am looking for a dress or matching set to wear to an upcoming event. There are tons of other sites I could recommend but I chose Asos because whether you are a size 0 or a size 18, tall, short, or pregnant you can find a piece to satisfy your own personal style with Asos fashion.

Glam-Aholic Of The Week Jessica

What are 3 things that every Glam-Aholic should have in her closet? 1. A flesh colored pair of heels. I say flesh color instead of nude because when some people think nude shoe the vision in their mind is usually some variation of beige, taupe or tan. I want my Glamaholics to know that if they fall closer to the chocolate side of the spectrum a nude pair of heels should include some shades of chestnut, cognac and even mahogany as well. This is great to pair with any outfit but especially some of our more colorful outfits this summer. 2. Maxi Dresses are perfect for the summer. You can throw it over a bathing suit for a day at the beach. Pair it with a blazer for a date or walk on the boardwalk or pair with a buttoned shirt for a brunch with the girls. 3. A statement necklace is a great way to transform your outfit. A bold necklace instantly dials up a white t shirt and jeans or adds interest to a little black or white dress. I love the ability it has to turn an old outfit into a new one with the addition of one new piece.

Glam-Aholic Of The Week Jessica

If you could trade closets with any celeb, who would it be?  If I could trade closets with anyone it would be Angela Simmons I have loved her style for years and her shoe collection is AMAZING! For me she always exudes style effortlessly.

What tips can you give our Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic readers on how to achieve stylish looks?  If I could give a glamaholic some advice on achieving stylish looks it would be to get a magazine subscription. InStyle, Allure, and Essence magazine have great looks that are already put together. This is a great way to find out what style speaks to something you might want to try. Essence has looks for ladies of all body types. The next step is to obtain closet staples like a white t shirt a black dress a great pair of denim jeans and a killer pair of black pumps. These a items are great for building looks sure to get you through any event.

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  1. Thank you so much for this feature Mia! I love how everything turned out! It was a pleasure and honor to be featured on your blog! I look forward to working with you again!

  2. LOVE it! Great style tips!

  3. I love her name! Lol

  4. The Glam-Aholic of the Week posts are always my favorite. I’ve seen her before on Instagram but I love her personality that can be seen in this interview. She seems down to earth and doesn’t take fashion too serious. Just subscribed to her YouTube channel. I will so be binging on her videos tonight while I unpack my shoe collection into my new closet. I hate moving! Lol!

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