Same Girl…Different Hair: My Big Chop + HSN Supplements


Same Girl…Different Hair is at it again and this time it involves scissors! For anyone who wasn’t aware, I finally took the leap and decided to do the Big Chop. This photo above explains it all. Does this look like healthy hair to you? Or maybe this one gives you a better view of it….


Can we all say heat damage. Documented on my hairstylist Khabirah’s Snapchat (@Justanaijagirl), she illustrated perfectly why I desperately needed to say “farewell” to my hair. After about 8 years of being natural, I never committed to doing the Big Chop, I just simply transitioned from being relaxed into #TeamNatural. Taking that journey with Khabirah as well, I was super excited to tackle the Big Chop this time around.


I was just honestly excited to learn my hair. I can’t say that I had that opportunity previously, because I don’t feel like I truly cared about the likes and dislikes of my hair. I was just strictly focused on the fact that I was no longer getting a relaxer and my hair was stronger, longer and tougher than ever…and that, it was! As previously stated in my New Growth and Natural Hair Journey posts, I’m a firm believer in just keeping my own hands out of my hair (clearly, thats how the heat damage occurred) and just letting it flow/grow.


With chopping all of my hair off, I wasn’t a bit nervous or afraid of how long it would take for my hair to grow back, because I had a secret weapon to speed up the process of getting it back stronger & longer!



Yasssss honey, do you see that growth? That quick…that fast! Let me introduce you to my new best friend, It Works Hair Skin Nails supplements. Let me fill you in a bit on what these pills have done for my hair thus far. Not only has my hair grown longer (as you can visibly see in the photos), but my hair has become much thicker as well. For anyone that personally knows me, we all know how thick my hair is, so I really didn’t need any assistance in that department, but I’m not complaining lol! My hair looks and feels extremely healthy, which I have both the cut and the supplements to thank.


Two weeks after my chop, I sat back in Khabirah’s chair to get a protective style, because constantly rocking my TWA just isn’t my style. No shade, but I am the creator of Same Girl…Different Hair. I mean, hellooooo! I love the versatility of being able to rock both natural & extensions, and just as I’d mentioned before, my hair cooperates better when I keep my hands out of it. So, along with my favorite style (Khabirah’s infamous quick weaving system) and my HSN supplements, they were a match made in hair growth heaven.


I was so thirsty to see how well my hair was growing with my quick weave, I went to the extreme of measuring my leave-out. And as you can see in just a little over 30 days, it has clearly grown from my forehead to the middle of my nose! These supplements are the truth (you see it).

Here’s the tea on how to get down with the growing team (lol):

  • Two supplements are to be taken daily. 60 tablets in each bottle, which means that you receive a month’s supply.
  • The supplements retail for $55, but as always, I got the hookup (holla if you hear me). If you sign up as my Loyal Customer today, you receive them at 40% off for $33!
  • For a minimum of 3 months, you will receive that discount on any product that you wish to order! After 3 months, you can either continue your hair growth journey with me (which I know that you will) or discontinue your membership. No penalty involved!
  • No membership fee, no hidden fees/costs. Your only commitment to take this journey with me is to purchase at least 1 product a month, for a minimum of 3 months. That’s all!

Now let’s get to growing!


It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplements (click here)

 Now, this is only the beginning of my new journey. I am looking forward to trying different styles, learning my hair and watching it grow like crazy. Who’s ready to take this experience with me?

As always, I’m here to help! If you have any questions about these supplements, text GROWTH to 313-355-4642 to get started today!

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  1. Perfect supplement and your hairs are awesome

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