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How To Make Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Comfortable

““So Kates are the devil.” were my thoughts just about a week ago. My first designer shoe investment (a gift from my boyfriend for my 30th birthday) and I couldn’t even enjoy them. I was distraught! The pain of wearing them was unreal. I am a high-heel PRO! "
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How To Wash Delicates In Washing Machine

"I wanted to share this tip because I’m often asked how do I take such great care of my clothing. Although this is just one of the many things that I do, it makes a huge impact on my wardrobe and the longevity of my pieces. Washing inside of my bra bag was done impulsively and I’m so glad that it happened because it turned into being a huge asset #score!"
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From My Heart To Yours…

"I felt like today was a perfect day to tell my story, well not my whole story but some of it! For the past few weeks I’ve been getting around to writing this post, but it didn’t feel right until today. Maybe because tomorrow is a new year and I wanted to express this in 2010? Whatever the case may be. I never get too personal on here, it’s strictly for what you guys come to see."
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