How To Make Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Comfortable


“So Kates are the devil.” were my thoughts just about a week ago. My first designer shoe investment (a gift from my boyfriend for my 30th birthday) and I couldn’t even enjoy them. I was distraught! The pain of wearing them was unreal. I am a high-heel PRO! I can wear them in my sleep, I can run in them…there’s not anything that I can’t do while wearing a pair of 5″ stilettos. I don’t even own a heel that’s lower than 4.5″. But these So Kate pumps? I couldn’t take five steps without crying out in pain. Unbelievable.

The issue with the So Kate pumps are that they are single-sole shoes, with a 5″ heel that forces your foot forward into a very narrow toe box and causes extreme pressure on your toes. And for that reason, the sales associate suggested that I go a full size up for comfort. For those that have never worn these before, I can easily describe the fact that your pinky toe, fourth toe and maybe even your middle toe are all jammed together and sitting on top of one another. Making it almost impossible to walk comfortably!

I Googled methods on how to make them more comfortable. So many blow dryer and sock methods that just didn’t work or wasn’t worth the hassle. I know plenty of Christian Louboutin “experts” that told me “it’s just nothing you can do about it, you just have to deal with the pain”. All I could think about was for this amount of money, these shoes just shouldn’t hurt this bad!


 After the pain (almost in tears) that I endured after only wearing them twice…I was convinced that it wasn’t worth the grief/damage to my feet and I was two seconds away from selling them on eBay. The only thing that stopped me is the fact that these are the sexiest shoes that I’ve ever met and I just couldn’t see myself parting with them.   After posting my thoughts on Instagram and with the outpour of my followers that were experiencing the same problem, it sparked my interest to find a solution.  I had to find a cure and figure out a way to be able to wear them semi-comfortably!

I contacted Nick, the Neiman Marcus associate that helped me with my purchase. I explained to him my dilemma and he’d heard it so many times before and knew exactly what I needed to do. He told me to bring the shoes in and allow them to stretch-out the toe box on a “shoe stretching machine” that they have for these type of issues. He suggested that I leave them for a few hours because “the longer they are stretched, the better this method will work.” Well, I decided to leave these suckas overnight lol! Picked up my shoes the next day, placed them on my feet and I felt like Cinderella! I couldn’t believe it!

Just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I walked around my house, washed dishes, washed clothes and walked up and down the stairs. I can even wiggle my toes and adjust them better in my shoes for more comfort. I’m currently sitting in my pajamas wearing them right now, just to convince myself as I write this post that I can sit in them without my toes going numb.

If you can’t make it to a shoe specialist or major department store, the “stretching” method can also be done at home as well…



Kiwi Shoe Stretcher @ Target $7.99

The sales associate also suggested that I purchase cedar shoe trees to keep inside of my shoes and keep the stretch intact. Upon searching for my shoe trees, I stumbled across this shoe stretcher. Very easy to use and so far effective!


Another added gem are these Dr Scholl’s DreamWalk Ball of Foot Cushions. They take a bit of the edge off from the ball of your foot rubbing against the inside of the shoe so hard, due to the high arch.

I believe that this method will work on any tight narrow-toe shoe. Kinda makes me regret the fact that I sold my black Zara stilettos because of this issue. Now I want them back! I am not at all stating that I now feel like I’m walking on a cloud, but I can definitely deal with wearing my So Kate pumps for more than 5 minutes now. I will be purchasing the black pair now and following these same exact steps!

Please comment and let me know if you have any success with this method. I hope this ‘How To Make Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Comfortable’ tutorial works out for everyone!

  1. Dear Mia,

    This tip sounds amazing! I have Daffodils and although they have a high platform, they are so tight and narrow around the toes. I wore them for my Graduation and after like 30 minutes, my toes were numb.So I had remove the shoes, rub my toes (during the ceremony, under the bench hahaha) so that I would not stumble and fall in front of the whole congregation while collecting the certificate. hahah

    Okay, off topic, sorry!

    What I really wanted to ask is if you think the shoes stretcher that you purchased would be enough to stretch them? I am eying up these So Kates but I’m not sure because of the complaints many women have.

    Have a lovely day,

    Greetings from London


    • Hey Alessandra!

      The shoe stretcher is said to work on all shoe types, so I’m sure that it will work well enough for them over time!

  2. Thank you for this! Don’t have the So Kates but I do have a few pair of narrow- toed heels at home that I will be taking to my local shoe shop to see if they can help. You’re about to have me prancing all around these streets feeling like a brand new woman!

  3. Genius, I am going to try these methods and see what difference they make.

  4. Those Zara pumps had me tiptoeing on Marble Floors!! However, I shall never take my shoes off and walk barefoot in this life. I’m going to try out these methods on some French Connection booties I have. It’s worth a try!!!

  5. Mia!!!

    I have the Zara pumps and damnit I’m about to doctor these things up right now. I’ve tried the at home shoe stretcher and I think my impatience didn’t allow me to keep them inside another pair of shoes overnight. Let me revisit this and let them stretch as long as possible. Thanks for the info;)


  6. this post just made my boss super grateful! We were looking at shoes and she was like Louboutins hurt. I said I have a blog post that will tell you exactly how to fix that problem!! Mia Ray to the rescue.

  7. Oh MIa, thankfully I found this post I want to buy a pair oh Kates in a few weeks. I will definitely ask for streching the heel to make me fell like Cinderella too.

  8. Thank you for this post! You don’t know how excited I am to try this out. I own the black So Kate Pumps. I put them on for the third time for my anniversary dinner and I felt like crying. My boyfriend decided to buy me the nude So Kates and I thought, oh no, my feet, they hurt so much, I can’t wear them for more than 30 minutes and I will have to return the nude ones. But thanks to you, I am going to try this method and pray it works because I love them! Thank you, thank you. I wonder if Barney’s has a shoe stretcher? Hmm. xo

  9. Thank you so much for this helpful post! Did you buy the so kates a size up or just your normal size? I figured I get the same size I got in the pigalle which was a bad idea! They are way too tight! Do you think this shoe stretcher will make them fit a half or full size up ?! My feet at least feet in them though.. It’s too late for me to return them to Barney’s :'(


  10. Hi Mia, Thank you for usefull tip. I wil definetly try it today!.

    Yest was my husband’s bd and i wore my So Kate for the 2nd time..I was tottally looking like a walking clown that even my husband couldn’t stop himself from laughing at me. I’m so used to wearing very high heels but my prob with So Kate is not only the toes part, I feel that i can’t bend my leg as if it’s 90 degrees. Can u help me on that!? I have the 12cm one. Thx dear

  11. Hi Mia, Thank you for useful tip. I will definitely try it today!.

    Yest was my husband’s bd and i wore my So Kate for the 2nd time..I was totally looking like a walking clown that even my husband couldn’t stop himself from laughing at me. I’m so used to wearing very high heels but my prob with So Kate is not only the toes part, I feel that i can’t bend my leg as if it’s 90 degrees. Can u help me on that!? I have the 12cm one. Thx dear

  12. Hi Mia!

    O..M..G…I sooo needed to see this. I was in tears wearing my ‘So Kates’ on my birthday. I’m going to take these babies back to NM today so they can stretch them!

    Thank you so much!

  13. Finding this blog makes me not feel alone. My husband bought me the So Kates in nude for my birthday & I was super excited to wear them. I did have NM stretch them but only for 5 minures. So when I wore them out I was in so much pain within the first hour. Wore them again age month later & I almost wanted to cry from the pain. It feels good to know I am not alone!! I am definitely going to try this.

    Thank you Mia!

  14. Thank you so much because I wore my black ones on Sunday to a brunch and Lordtttttttttttt I was in so much pain. I had to tiptoe everywhere I walked!

  15. Question, how do you walk in heels ALL day without them hurting and you want to take them off! I really want to be able to walk in heels comfortably and not do the “my feet hurt but I refuse to take them off because that’s nasty” walk lo! Help! ????

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, high heels can be very painful if it is not worn with the proper protection such as heel inserts, thanks for writing about potential solutions as they will be useful.

  17. This is like the Christian Louboutin article GOLDMINE! I have heard so many horror stories about these shoes, so I refused to buy them. But now that I have read this I am going straight to King of Prussia to see what they can do for me! Do you happen to have a “how to walk like a BOSS in heels” article. I need help with my strut! LOL
    *searching through the archives*

  18. Might I also add the value of a quality leather conditioner to soften the leather and hasten break-in. However, will not work with patent leather as the surface is impenetrable to the conditioner. Allen Edmunds makes a fabulous product that won’t discolor the leather.

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