Glam-Aholic Of The Week: Crys


Mia Ray: What does fashion mean to you?

“To me, fashion means beauty.  It means freedom of expression and freedom of creativity.  Fashion means FUN!”



Mia Ray: What trends do you love that mostly describe and inspire your style?

“I LOVE jewelry and accessories.  Right now, my favorite trend is a gorgeous statement necklace- it can really set the tone of your look, taking it to the next level!  I am also in love with big chunky boots that are a bit rugged looking but can be paired with something dressy and be amazing.  Oh, and I can’t forget FUR!  It’s getting cold out so I enjoy throwing a fur vest, jacket or hat on to add that extra ounce of glamour and keep me warm!”




Mia Ray: Glam-Aholics have a style like no other! Can you describe yours for us?

“My style is pretty easy… it’s me. I wear what I want. I like all things girly, elegant, sparkly and pretty but I also like to be comfortable.”




Mia Ray: Are there any fashion tips you would like to share with other Glam-Aholics?

“Be aware of trends but create your OWN style. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in by mixing classic with trend, with vintage. Wear your wardrobe, don’t let it wear you!”


Crys is a true Glam-Aholic and it was a pleasure to get to know all about her and her style! For statement and one of a kind pieces, please visit her store!


  1. I LOVE Crystal’s style … She is sooo beautiful… and that helps.

  2. Crystal is fab…..everyone should have there own sense of fashion, thats what makes you extra glam .

  3. she looks amazing!
    and she fly!

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