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I’m not only a client, I’m the President of “Same Girl…Different Hair”! So I’m willing to try out any hair and/or hairstyle. I’ve stated before that I’ve never purchased or used “virgin” Indian extensions before, but I’ve heard so much fuss about it that I decided to give it a try. I was always skeptical of using Indian hair because I figured it would be to straight for my nappy hair lol! But I was wrong! I made a decision to just do it, so I went with Flawless Hair Company to break my Indian hair virginity lol!

So let’s start the journey! I used three packs of hair, two 16″ Deep Wave and one 24″ Body Wave. I know it sounds a little strange with a major difference in length, but Malika and I were going for a certain look…so don’t try this at home lol!  She put the 24″ inch at the bottom and the 16″ on top, then blended them both together.

I showed Malika this picture for inspiration. I’d been drooling over it for a few months. Each and every time I would see Laurieann Gibson with this hairstyle, I would get jealous! I wanted to have more volume at the top, which is why I went for the Deep Wave and I wanted a long length, hence the 24″. Never did I think I would be brave enough to partially shave my hair off, but…

I did it and I love it! I was shaking in my boots when she pulled those clippers out, but I said “hey, it’s just hair…it’ll grow back!” She gave me exactly what I asked for, but also…I couldn’t believe how well the extensions actually blended with my hair. I stand corrected! It’s actually very textured and not “silky”, as I had imagined.  It was just right.

Over the weekend I wore it in many different ways; straight, curled and in a ponytail. I received so many compliments, people telling me how natural the hair looks. That’s all I needed to hear! I’m sold on this hair lol! I even washed it today just to see how it would do and it bounced right back. Just a little blow drying and flat ironing, it was back popping!

Wanna see it in person for yourself? If you are in the Metro Detroit area, come out this Saturday to Flawless Hair Company’s ‘Cupcakes And Curls’ event! It will be hosted by our very own Arjaunjubri and Glam-Aholic Lifestyle items will be available!

I will not give out any pricing information about the hair, for any further details you can contact Flawless Hair Company at Follow on Twitter @IndianAndBrazil and on Facebook!

  1. im starting to feel it unnecessary to comment on yoru posts because they all say the same thing : I love this site! (plus you already know that). Anyway, the style is cute and edgy. That last pic with it pulled up like a genie is my fave. Wish I lived anywhere near the D so I could come to your event.

  2. I love it!

  3. I LOVE it Mia!!! As always, you “Rockin” the look…

  4. So i will throw in my two cents. I heard about the hair brand via an twitter/instagram friend ( social media working to one’s benefit here ladies) and did some research. I bought three packs of hair 18-20 inch in the Brazilian wave. and have the hair in for almost a month. I LOVE THIS HAIR. I am no stranger to weaves having tried a little bit of everything. What I really appreciate about this hair is that it blends very well with my 1B ( very dark black) natural ( I straighten but have no relaxer) hair after I put a black rinse on it.

    When my stylist installed the hair we were both very surprised at how well the hair blended.

    Though a bit pricey I am very happy with my investment.

  5. Omgeeeee where is Malika, I need my hair done. And where did you buy your hair from.

  6. I love the weave….but to be honest I don’t like you with the side of your head shaved!!!!

    • I wear my hair for me, no one else’s opinion on if they like it or not matters…I have to wear it, not you. But thank you for your comment Makeup Boss! 🙂

  7. I LOVE this hairstyle on you! I LOVE your site! That hair is beautiful. I have a short cut but occasionally I’ll add a piece to the front. Currently I have a piece in the front, I’m foing for the Meagan Good look. Anywho, is a bundle the same as a pack? The most expensive hair I’ve used is the Bobby Boss so I don’t know what a bundle is equal to. Also I LOVE your t-shirts and plan to buy one next week. I’m planning an event in the summer and I wanted to know what I have to do in order to get a bunch for my goody bags???? Can I buy in bulk? Please let me know!

  8. love this Mia Ive been waiting to get that indian hair from her for a while now but didnt want to pay the much. This blog shows me that it would be a great investment does it shead or tangle. Ive heard its suppose to last a year.

  9. I am so getting some of these extensions after I take these million zillions out.

    Having faded sides is the best! It’s exhilarating. I would definitely bring my mohawk back with the quickest, but I am going to get a weave and then see what’s popping.

    Thanks for putting me up on some of the best stuff. Glam-aholic is so appreciated!

  10. The virgin hair is your best bet if you like a more natural looking weave and wanna quit throwing your $ out the window. I’m not using this brand but it looks really good. A tip when installing the pieces from a premier stylist of virgin indian hair is to place a dot of Crazy Glue or nail glue on the cut edges to prevent shedding. I’ve checked the site & have seen that this hair is resonably price. Great look for a major Glam-aholic!!!

  11. Hi Mia, great post once again! What is your comparison to the Bohyme brand?

  12. Yes boo you did this. I’ve never seen the ‘shaved side’ done at this scale before, it looks beautiful as does ALL your hairstyles.

  13. Omg Missed the curls and cupcakes party….just found out about it. Love the hair anyway though

  14. Your hair is gorgeous!

  15. I am in just love with your hair look. Its amazing.

  16. How many ounces come in a bundle of Flawless hair.

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  18. 100 % Virgin Indian Temple Hair !! Please visit our website for all details.

  19. Nice Hairstyles..

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