Motivation Monday: 5 Quick Questions With Tionna Smalls!


Tionna Smalls is such an inspiration, not only to me…but to many young black women who want to take a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. Her grind is one for the books, ever since she hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped yet, with so much more up her sleeve (that I can’t wait to see!). I was extremely excited when she decided to take time out of her busy day to chat with me about business, love and we couldn’t leave out fashion!

I’m sure a lot of my readers, just like myself has followed you from your book, to VH1, to MTV and now I love watching your countless appearances on The Bethenny Show. How do you maintain being so successful? Well you know with success it comes a lot. How I maintain is that I make sure I stay on the beat of my own drum. I make sure that I work on things that I really want to work on and things that are gonna benefit Tionna Smalls as a brand, an entrepreneur and things that are going to benefit the people that I’m trying to lead. 

I learn so much from you just from following you on Instagram with the tips and advice that you post. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own business? The most difficult aspect of running your own business is that it’s a lot of sacrifice on your personal life, because you’re so deep into your business that sometimes it suffers. Your personal life as far as things that you need to accomplish. It’s also very hard to get respect in the game, so you have to really push your way through to get the type of respect that you want and/or deserve. Also, our people sometimes take it as a competition, they want to do better than you, instead of encouraging each other. 


Being a relationship expert, some of our readers will certainly love to hear your advice on men. How do we know when we’ve found “The One”, that one guy that we know we should be with? Well when you find the one, you won’t even have to ask yourself “Is he the one?”…you’ll just feel something in your heart. And you’ll know he’s the one by what he accomplishes in your life. Every thing that you’re looking for in a guy;  someone that cares for you, someone that your mother and father can appreciate, someone that really appreciates you and treats you well in front of their family. And you really know that you’ve found the one when you’re not looking for the two!

With Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic being a fashion blog, we want to know what’s the one thing in your closet that you just can’t live without? My accessories are the best! By accessories I mean a scarf, hat, jewerly…I just think accessories make you look like a totally different person. But if I had to choose one thing it would have to be a good pair of leggings. As long as you have a good pair of black leggings, you’re good. I love my accessories, I need them or I don’t feel like I’m cute without them! 


What’s next for Tionna Smalls? We know that you have so much going on! What’s up next for me is that I have my plus size boutique finally dropping. We went through a lot of different name changes and things, but now that we’re ready, it’s great. I’m bringing back Loveys! I’m working on a movie that I wrote last year, working on getting that made.  More personal time for Tionna Smalls. More vacations to get my brain right, because I’ve been doing this a long time and now I realize that it’s time to take care of myself. Also, more books. I want to build the Tionna Smalls brand to a real status to where even if I’m not on TV for five years that I’m able to maintain, do well and encourage. I have entrepreneur classes coming up…I don’t feel like I’m working if I don’t have a lot of things going on! 

I hope this interview motivates many of us who have a dream to pursue. One word of advice that she offered to me before we disconnected was “Keep going. It’s gonna be times when you get discouraged…but you’ll be alright. Keep it going, keep encouraging and when you do get on the way you wanna be on, just be sure to put somebody else on.”


Be sure to grab a copy of her books ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right, ‘Men Love Abuse’  and keep up with Tionna’s latest moves by following her on Instagram @TionnaSmalls!

  1. Great interview! I love Tionna Smalls…such a smart and inspirational woman!

  2. I love her she gives me life.. Great post

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