Same Girl…Different Hair: Deep Wave Blowout Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for quite some time now. After tons of comments, compliments and questions regarding this style, I figured now was the perfect time. I pretty much consider this to be my “signature style”. I’ve been wearing this hairstyle for years now and I am something like the captain of team #BigHairDontCare!

Get ready for a selfie overload…

IMG_3795 (2)

I like to describe this texture of hair (Peruvian Deep Wave) as a great protective style for anyone that has natural hair, with a very thick and coarse texture. The volume and consistency of the hair is to reflect a specific style in mind, and bone straight just isn’t one of them lol! This wave is strictly for those who want to take the look of their natural styles to another level…

IMG_3858 (2)

I usually only apply heat to this unit once a week, as well a co-washing once a week with the products mentioned in this tutorial. If I leave this unit on, I wrap it up just as I would my natural hair…as seen on my heat-free routine video

IMG_2815 (2)

The luster of the Peruvian Deep Wave is also low, reminiscent of natural hair texture. If you’re looking for more of a shine with your finish, I would definitely suggest Brazilian Deep Wave. It will still give off the same volume and style, but with a softer approach!

IMG_4245 (1)

You can definitely achieve twist-outs, braid-outs, curls, twirls or any natural look that your heart desires! As stated in the tutorial, the care of this hair is extremely high maintenance. Daily moisturizing, with weekly co-washing and detangling will definitely keep your hair looking great and long-lasting. Just those simple tips will work wonders for your hair!

If you have any further questions regarding this tutorial, please leave them below!


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  1. Hi there! can this hair be straightened? I love the volume of it, i’m just not sure if I would want to wear it big all of the time.

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