Same Girl…Different Hair: How To Maintain Your Sew-In

“How do you maintain your sew-in for so long?” is the question I get asked most. I am NOT a hair stylist and I will never claim to be one. These are my ways, that I maintain MY hair. Not you, not your sister…mother…cousin or auntie lol! I have to sometimes state certain things because people love to challenge me if it’s something that they don’t do. So now that we have that out of the way, these are the few things that I do to keep my sew-in alive…

Day 1! This is the first day of my sew-in which I got installed the last week of September. Initially, which ever state I get my hair done, is usually how I keep for at least 2 weeks. I went for the bone straight look and that’s how I rocked it for the longest time. If anytime before I went with curls or waves, I did the same exact thing. I found that if you leave it in it’s original state for the most part, it will pretty much be trained to behave. You won’t have to do much flat ironing or adding heat if you properly wrap your hair at night…

1 month later! This is how I tie my hair up at night. I put a ponytail at the top of my head, wrap my hair around into a bun, put my scarf on and then place my bonnet on. Yes, it’s that serious lol! I do this whether it’s straight, wavy or curly. When I unwrap it in the morning, it’s exactly how it was before I went to bed! I may have to do a few touch-ups, but not anything major. If I don’t feel like unwrapping my hair, I wear this bun out & about. I LIVE for baby hair!! Call it what you want, but my hair is not complete until it’s laid! ย I spray spritz on my brush, lay my baby hair down and I’m out the door…

2 months later! For the most part to manage my hair, I try not to bother it too much. I pick a particular hair style for the time being and try to work it for a week or two. A little combing or brushing here & there, but I try to keep heat out of it as much as possible, just as I would if it were my real hair. I’ll wear it in 2 pigtails for about a week or 1 under braid down the middle. I achieved the look above by braiding my hair in about 6 or 7 braids straight to the back, and wore them that way for about 4 days. Once I unbraided them, I wore this look for about a week or so. I don’t leave much of my real hair out, so flat ironing was not needed much for this look because it pretty much blended right in!

3 months later! Yes, this is still the same hair and I’ve only washed it once. No this is not Indian, Malaysian or any fancy hair. I bought this from behind the counter at the beauty supply store from the “Bohyme” brand. I went to the shop and my hair stylist Khabirah ( washed and conditioned it. For the most part I don’t do that on my own at home. But my only advice to those who would like to, would be to condition it well. I don’t put any product on my extensions. No oil, no oil sheen, no shine. But that’s me! I thoroughly comb and brush my hair daily. Take time to properly wrap it up at night. And don’t weigh it down with product. Also, I do not flat iron my hair…I blow dry it if it needs to be straighten. To achieve the look above I did a 2-strand twist (wrapping the strands of hair around & around each other), you can see me rocking the 2-strand twist in the picture of Kim Kimble and I. Once I took it down the next day, these were the results. And that headband is from Forever 21!

So in conclusion I don’t bother my hair, so it won’t bother me lol! I wear styles that don’t require much heat. I buy extensions that blend well with my course hair, so that I won’t have to worry much about straightening my real hair that I left out. The comb, brush and blow dryer are my best friends. Wrapping your hair up at night is VERY important. And I don’t add products that will cause me to constantly wash my hair. A lot of these tips I learned from my hair stylist Kharbirah and a lot were pure trial & error lol! Countless days of boredom, sitting in front of the mirror experimenting with different ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

When you spend a lot of money on hair and installation,ย I feel as though sew-ins are investments and that’s how you should treat them.

This is my hair in it’s natural state. I’m afraid to see what it looks like now after this 3 month sew-in lol!

A few Khabirah Osayame, LLC Techniques I shared with you to maintain your hair/extension install:
โ€ข Tying your extensions/hair into the bun
โ€ข First using the scarf for your edges then following with a bonnet on top of the scarf.
โ€ข Spraying spritz onto your hair brush to lay down your edges.
  1. Great post. When I wear weaves I only get sew-ins because I am allergic to glue. I keep my sew-ins in for no more than 8 wks. During the first month I leave it how it is, just wrap or flexi rod it at night (which ever applies according to the style). If the hair looks dry, I use a lil virgin coconut oil. To moisturize my own hair I seperate the tracks and spray once a week w/ a vegetable glycerin and water mixture I created. After the 4th week, I wash and condition my hair (weave and all) as I would my own natural hair and blow dry it thoroughly, the style it as I want. I usually do not go back to the salon within those 8 weeks unless my tracks get loose.

  2. Thanks for this Mia! Your hair ALWAYS compliment your clothes.. I ‘m gonna try your regimen to see if it can work for me.

  3. @mz_orb where do you purchase this ‘vegetable glycerin’ that you use to protect your hair and MIA what type of hair (brand) is it that you use, its beautiful!!!

  4. That’s a good routine. I wear sew ins all the time. In the summer I wear curly and in the winter I wear straight hair. I’m a bobbi boss indy remy fan so that hair works well with me. I Like that you put your hair different ways throughout your sew in. I’m usually wrapping my hair or using the flex rods. Thanks for the braiding tips with the straight hair. I think I will try that one day. I also agree with you on not adding any oil to the weave and blow drying instead of flat ironing. I do go to the salon every 2 weeks to get my hair washed. I have dandruff so that has to stay maintained.

  5. @kirrruh I got mine from Rite Aid. A small bottle was lik $2.50. Over the past few years I have Been doing alot researching on black hair maintenance and experimentign with different products. I am 4a/b/c hair type I get relaxer about twice a year. My hair loves vegetable glycerin for moisturizing. Just make sure you use it mixed with water. because of the anatomical makeup glycerin loves water. it takes water from the air, but if you use it on your hair without being mixed with water it can dry your hair outr. So if you use it in the winter time the air is dryer (at least here in Philly), unless mixed with water, the vegetable glycerin will pull the moisture from your hair. But when mixed with water it forms a hold onto the water so your hair will be well moisturized.

  6. great post, Mia! i have a quick, yet important question … who takes your sew-in down? you or your stylist? if you take it down yourself, do you have any tips you can share? healthy hair underneath is sooo important to me and yours look great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Nikki!

      I usually do it myself and I use really tiny scissors and pay close attention to cutting the thread! My hairstylist Khabirah does my sew-ins with a net over my braids, so there’s a little protection there ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I agree with @KaylaChane’l. My twitter twin always has her hair and ensemble coordinated.

  8. @ Nikki even though you asked Mia the question…I am terrified at taking my sew ins out so I let my stylist or her assistant do it. I’m affaid cause I don’t want to cut my hair. I also wanted to add that I get a net sewn over my braides also to protect my hair.

  9. I love the curls mia..great post..I’m a sew-in queen myself…and it depends on the hair you buy..I don’t buy the less expensive hair…. I tend to buy the hair that I can wear for a few months..u know get my money worth..and for taking the sew-in out I found it best to use those little dollar store eyebrow archers they just slid right through the thread..

  10. I know this doesnt relate w/the maing purpose of this post but where did you purchase those leggings from in the first pic with the blue top…they are to die for hun!

    • LOL! Thank you Danielle! I got those printed pants from Rainbow for about $15!

  11. First and foremost I ran pass you blog randomly lastnight and happy I did!!!!!! Your blog is awesome and well executed! I love your extensions and looked on your stylist blog and her work is nice. I have been having the hardest time finding hair that I really like and like natural. Can you please share what type of hair you and you stylist (herself) use it’s beautiful? I’m speculating that she order hers because you stated you bought your at the beauty supply GREAT PICK!!!!

    • Hi Zoe! And thank you so much! But I use platinum Bohyme hair, no matter the wave…they all seem to have the same texture to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Myself and my sister do hair…and she JUST told me this past summer to avoid having to do my sew-ins over stop putting heat on them and I’ll be damn…i kept it for two months no problem and it was some cheap hair at that….i’m like i wish you would have been told me that…..especially for those times i bought expensive hair…..

  13. :: I love this!! #1 I love my bohyme hair, it’s seriously the best! #2 When Khabirah showed me the baby hair & bun tricks, that made my life so much more easier lol, #3 I’ve had my sew-in for a month and just washed it the other day & it’s holding up beautifully, even in it’s natural state/wave pattern…. I love my cousin/stylist, shes the best!!

  14. whats the baby hair and bun trick? PLEASE SHARE LOL

  15. @Zoe B… Khabirah taught me to put my hair in a top knot “Naji” bun, then brush down/back my baby hairs with a soft bristle “boyfriend” brush, tie down my scarf on my edges and pop on a bonnet and in the a.m. when I take it down, I’m ready to go quick! Check out her blog I think she has a post about it!!

  16. Thanks so much Chandra & @Zoe B!

    My infamous “Naija Bun” Technique that I created will be on very soon! There’s nothing I love more than sharing some of my God Given Hair Tricks with my fab clients in NY, Metro Detroit & LA! Stay tuned for MORE beautifuls!

    Love Khabirah “K”. โ™ฅ

  17. I absolutely love the post Mia! I

  18. My post didn’t completely post before… I just want to say that you always do a great job on your blogs Mia!! The comments are also always helpful, too. Can someone please tell me a good beauty supply store I can purchase the Platinum edition of the Boyhme hair. Everywhere I go they only have the Gold edition. So can someone please help me out, I need to know by Wed. Thank you!!

  19. Thank you ladies!
    I’m often asked how I maintain my hair and thought it was time to share! To be honest, it’s all up to your installation and how you treat your hair. You have to treat your hair good and it will be good to you. I’ve even maintained less expensive hair for a very long time, because I took care of it. I know plenty of my friends that HATE the Bohyme hair that I wear and prefer to use other brands lol! Unless you are your own stylist or you live with one that does your hair on a daily basis, it’s up to you & your hands to do the job of maintaining any hairstyle whether it may be your real hair, a quick weave or sew-in. I live on a budget so I don’t visit the salon as much as some. Many years ago when I became obsessed with hair, I would sit on my computer for hours watching YouTube videos on how to layer, curl, cut or even clip my ends and practice those techniques in the mirror. I LOVE to learn, so along the way I’ve picked up many tips from friends, both of my hair stylists Khabirah(the “naiji bun” & baby hair) and Malika(blow drying my curls)…and even a few things that I’ve made up out of the clear blue sky. Like when I wear “Wet N Wavy” hair, I don’t wet it…I let the steam from my shower saturate my hair and brush it out while it’s still wet…

    To be clear to anyone that may have been confused, when I stated “My ways, that I maintain MY hair”, was solely for purposes of people trying to challenge me of the things that they do not do (which happens often in the blogging world), so I put that disclaimer out for those who love to try to prove me wrong. Not to say that I came up with any of these techniques and/or styles. Just to state that this is a melting pot of things that I do, with my hands, on a daily basis, in between salon visits, that works best for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    So glad you ladies enjoyed this post ( I was 1/2 sleep when I wrote it LOL!!)

    • “I live on a budget”, preach MIA. This is why I love your blog. There is something for everybody.I too love YouTube and have learned a great deal from females about haircare. But some appear to spend a lot on constant weave installation and maintenance, and their hair doesn’t look half as fly as yours. Good to know it is the care that counts more than expensive brand.

      I love fashion and beauty like the next girl, but my financial goals won’t allow me over invest in this area. But live and let be fab!

  20. I am thinking about growing my hair back and I am excited about trying some of your techiniques with my future weave. Mia, you are like the perfect go-to person! Just awesome!

  21. Thanks againg for the post Mia. I love receiving hair suggestions from others because I feel like there is always a better way to do things and it doesnt hurt to try something new. You and your other followers were definitely helpful!

  22. hey mia, this blog has been really helpful with how to maintain your hair and what it takes for it to look well. I have a question about the platinum bohyme you wear in these pics. So when you buy the hair does it come with a soft wave and then you press it out? or are you buying the hair stratight?

    • Yes it comes as a soft wave and then flat iron straight! If you wet it, the waves will return!

  23. Hi Mia!

    Im about to put in my first weave in years and I want it to look perfect. Your post just inspired me to put go with the ”Long hair Dont Care” look. I have a few questions to ask you, seeing how im a Newbie at this Sew-in life, I need guidance and you seem to know a lot. 1) I would like to know how many inch is this hair you have one the first picture? 2) would it be possible to know how you put your hair in a pun with your sew-in? I am the kinda of girl to always rock my high buns and I looked on website and could not find her post on how to pull off a cute high bun with a sew-in. Would it be possible to show us how do it or at least direct me to somewhere I can learn how to do it? and my last question is how is there any other hair brands you like to use when ”bohyme” isnt available? Im from Montreal Canada and our hair brand choices are not as broad as the states. please let me know! thank youuu!!! BTW I go on your blog everyday and I like the new lay out!!! Keep doing your thang girl!

    • Hi AngelaC!

      1) The length of that hair was about 22inches. 2) I just simple pull all of my hair up into a ponytail on top of my head and then wrap it around in a circle. Nothing too fancy. If you would like a step by step tutorial on how Khabirah does it, you should keep checking back on her site for updates! 3) Brand is really up to you and your hair texture. I’ve stated before that I love Bohyme, but I meet a lot of ladies that hate it. I’ve had Model Model Dreamweaver and I loved it. Remy Saga (Gold pack) and I enjoyed it. So maybe you can try those if Bohyme platinum isn’t available ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hi, your hair is beautiful and the techniques are helpful….I’ve had a sew-in for about a month and it seems to be loose. I have not been back to my stylist to tighten my tracks…How loose is too loose for braids/tracks in a sew-in? When is a sew-in not fixable?

    • Thank you Chey! But that is something that you would have to use your own judgement. What’s loose to you may not be loose to me. You may also need to ask your hair stylist what’s not fixable. I just go by what I do with my hair, I’m not a hairstylist so I don’t know everything lol

  25. I love you’re site! I was bored last night and came upon it and I was soooo happy:) keep up the good work! But I wear weaves (sew-ins)and I’m NEVER able to put my hair up in a bun b/c the back tracks will show and that is not cute! Is there a way you’re stylist does it so that you can’t see the tracks in the back or the edges….. It’s looks so natural! Thanks:)

    • Thank you Nina! Whenever I get a sew-in, no matter who does it… I always keep my perimeter out. By perimeter I mean enough hair is left out around my entire head, to cover my tracks if ever I put my hair in a ponytail ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Love your blog! I’m getting a sew-in tomorrow (for the first time ever) and I’m excited. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve convinced me to go for 22 inches too, lol.

  27. Hey Mia with the part down the middle how do you get your hair braided under the sewin? circle or to the back?

    • I’m sorry…I really don’t remember how she braided it ๐Ÿ™

  28. Hey Mia!
    I am so glad that I ran across this blog:) your hair is gorgeous! My question is how much hair do you leave out? I’ve had a sew in two times before and I’m getting my third one for graduation. My hair is natural so I’m very apprehensive about using heat. How do you keep the hair you leave out fresh and protected?

    • Hi Traci!

      Thank you! And I only leave my perimeter out, enough to cover my tracks if I pull my hair up into a ponytail. The perimeter is basically your edges. I’ll be honest and say that I do not add heat to my perimeter if I’m wearing my hair down because no one sees it lol! The only time I flat iron it is when it’s being worn up in a ponytail ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Hey Mia
    I know I’m late to this but I have a question. When You put your hair up in a bun none of your tracks showed! It looked like the hair is coming right Out of your scalp. Also when you had the style with the wavy hair how did you cover up your part without any of the tracks showing? I’ve done sew ins in the past and I can’t ever put my hair in a high ponytail. What technique did you use for your sew in so that none of your tracks show. Also have you ever tried the invisible part? And what about just wrapping the hair at night time instead of the bun?

    • Hey Diamond!

      I stated in my post that I’m not a hairstylist lol! So I don’t know what technique Khabirah used to sew my hair in so that my tracks don’t show. I only leave my perimeter out, which is enough to cover my tracks when I pull my hair into a ponytail. I make sure to comb and brush my natural hair well enough to make sure the tracks are covered. I’ve tried an invisible part before years ago and I’m not a fan of it. I haven’t wrapped my weave at night in years, but I know plenty of people that do. If I don’t put it in a bun, I’ll just throw a bonnet on ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi mia can u please give me khabriahs contact im not even going to try this sew in myself i want herto do it ….pleeeeaaasssee im begging

  30. Ok thanks so much..! I’ve learned so much.. When i did my first sew in my stylist didn’t leave my perimeter out so i wasnt able to put my hair up and i was so unhappy about that.. I love how to style your hair without any heat! Its such a great way to make the hair last longer much longer.. I will try the bun thing when I go to sleep.. it seems so much easier than trying to put silky straight long hair in a wrap..

  31. Hi i recently my hair. I looooovvveee your hair …. so where im getting at lol ms khabriah does your hair do u have her number so i can make an appt ….?. Both of yall hair is flawless i live in harlem and have some brazilian hair im dying to use i just want my weave on point

  32. Hi Nikki,

    Good information! I just got my sew in installed June 24th and I just washed it on Saturday at 4 weeks. I do wash my weave more I get it install and I condition it very well too! It needs to be tighten and I usually leave me sew-in for about three months, but I think I’m going to take out after two months this time. Your hair looks very nice! Again thanks the information. I’m going to try some of these tips!!

  33. Hey mia i had two questions what kind of hair would you recommend that is not very expensive but is still good hair. ? And also how do you wrao your hair with the sew in.

  34. Ok this is my 1st sew in for my senior year n i just cut my natural hair cut n i want to know
    can i still do the bun thing? Can you help me? thnx!

  35. So with sew in wefts you can put your hair up whenever you want?

  36. I had to revisit this post as I approach the “big chop”. I consider a see-in to be an investment as well… I figure @ 3 months I’ll have one installed after a week or 2… Thank you Mia for all that you do!!!! Muah

  37. I have a really good grade of hair myself so I have nerver worn weaves. But I will be 30 next week and wanted something differnt. This Saturday I will be getting my firs sew in ever. My stylist told me to get Remy Saga or Remy Diamond. Are these great types of hair to purchase? Any tips for a first I usually just wrap my real hair each night and up wrap and let it fall each day.


  38. Thank you for writing this blog it has definatley helped. Hopefully you don’t mind me adding my 2 cents . I just want to guarentee girls see how vital hair quality is. There’s so many types of hair extensions it’s plain dumb to make a purchase prior to realizing the texture difference between chinese, brazilian, malaysian, indian, and european hair, and how to make sure that they are not purchasing synthetic. Most females make their purchase based on price .. Not Smart. Is your hair’s apperance and health worth saving a few dollars? No. Not even hundreds. DO NOT purchase unqualified extensions! When you’re going to do something do it right the first time. A little research will proove that the ONLY hair worth purchasing is European Remy or Brazilian Remy Hair becasue it is ensured to be voluntarilly cut and donated in those countries. They aren’t forced to loose their beautiful hair so someone can make a quick buck off of it. That is how the hair industry operates in different countries. I don’t know about you girls but I would be much more comfortable purchasing better quality hair that also does not make myself wonder if I am paying a scam artist who has tortured women, forcing these ladies to shave their scalp:( A wonderful website to order European Remy and Brazlian Remy Extensions for the lowest price is without a doubt . Low prices and you get more for your money as they sell 1 gram strands only compared to similar websites who sell .4-.5g strand(s).

  39. Yes! I have been wearing the same weave since April in the natural state and dyed the tips. This past weekend I dyed it black and the hair is still in good shape. I love the brazilian hair, best thing I purchased this year

  40. How Much Did the โ€œBohyme” hair cost.

  41. hi miss mia , i came across your blog while googling weave maintance . i was wondering if you had any tips on how to maintain wavy sewn in weave especially the night time regimen. thank you in advance and i love your blog (:

  42. how do you put your bun up to look like that ? & edges?

  43. Hey Mia, I love your guidance on weave maintenance, but I never had one, I’m def bookmarking the page though. Since you answer back pretty quickly, I wonder when you get your hair done and the natural hair braided and its under the net etc. are you able to part it differently when you wear it loose, the weave I mean? Or would you always have to stick by the part you’re given when your hair is being done. I wonder because in the visuals of the night regiment your hair is in a real bun-bun as if its totally your hair. I’m just confused.

  44. Very nice article about maintaining hair weave ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Hi.! I just got a sew-in for the first time.! I got a mid length kind of style (about 10in to my shoulders) and I wanted to know if I could use your method even though my hair isn’t as long as yours is.? Thanks

  46. Hi Mia,

    Two quick questions…

    How long is this weave that your rocking so beautifully in this post?

    Also, how much of your real hair is left out…2 or 3 inches all the way around?

    Thank you!

  47. Yes, I was annoyed about this problem.
    I learned from your article, it seems so much easier than trying to put silky straight long hair in a wrap.

  48. Thanks for the post! I get a weave because I tore my arm off at the shoulder. The docs put everything back together – but to keep the arm, I had to give up some range of motion. Now I can’t raise the arm high enough to style or wash my hair, hence the weave. i use the wet and wavy since water doesn’t ruin it and I’m in water often. I haven’t used the Indian Remy yet, but the stuff I have used tangles like a tumble weed and never lasts more than a month or two. I can’t believe yours is so beautiful! It gives me hope that one day I will chance upon the right stuff. I’m going to look for the Bohyme hair like you use. Wish me luck! And, if anyone else knows of a brand that doesn’t tangle PLEASE let me know.

  49. Puzzled selecting hair style to get wedding occasions later on? Whether traditional or even contemporary bun must be? It really is sure to haunt you since the wedding ceremony will be thought of constantly via photographs from the wedding. So as not to confuse, the following advice can help you determine the proper wedding hair.

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